With every purchase, we donate to the Water for Life foundation. Together we make clean drinking water accessible for everyone!

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    Our mission

    The Story of LLEWE

    Our name is derived from the word 'Lewe', which means 'life' in South African. We did not choose this name at random! Life is central to us and is inextricably linked to water. Did you know that on average we consist of about 55 to 60 percent water? So you can imagine that drinking enough is therefore essential for staying healthy. On average, you need about 2 liters of water per day. From our own experience we have noticed that drinking enough water in a day can sometimes be quite a challenge, so we have developed products that will give you a helping hand. Yet this is only a means to our larger goal.


    Clean drinking water for everyone

    For us, it is very common to turn on the tap and fill our beautiful water bottle with clean drinking water. We even shower in drinking-quality water and are surprised when our toilet does not flush. Because of this, we sometim forget that there are still 663,000,000 people in the world who don't have this luxury at all. In many developing countries, good sanitation facilities are not available and people sometimes have to travel 10 to 20 kilometers on foot to the nearest water source. We believe this should be changed and we contribute to this with our products.


    The mission of LLEWE

    We believe in the power of water and see it as our mission to give everyone on earth access to a source of safe drinking water. We believe this is an important step in escaping the status quo of poverty. By realizing clean drinking water in areas where it is currently not a given, we create more equal opportunities and possibilities for the people who live here.


    "We want to give everyone on earth access to a source of clean drinking water"


    The Water for Life Foundation

    We have a big mission, which unfortunately we cannot achieve alone. That's why we became an official partner of Water for Life; a foundation established by a number of large Dutch water companies. The Netherlands is a real water country. Because we know better than anyone how to deal with water, we have a lot of knowledge to share. The great thing about the foundation is that they not only give people in developing regions access to drinking water and a toilet, but also realize this in cooperation with local water companies. In this way, they provide the population with a lifelong water supply and at the same time they help the local economy to grow.


    This is how we help

    With our water bottles we help Water for Life to give everyone on earth access to safe and clean drinking water. We do this by donating 10% of the purchase price of each water bottle to this wonderful foundation. It takes €18 to provide one person with clean drinking water for life. On average, this can be done after just 5 orders in our store!


    Our goal for 2021

    Our goal is to help as many as 50,000 people get clean drinking water through Water for Life in the year 2021. An ambitious goal that we can really use your help with!

    Make sure you reach your daily drinking target with a LLEWE motivational water bottle and treat your friends and family to a bottle too. In this way you take good care of yourself, others and you also contribute to a better world.

    Shop your water bottle now and share a photo of your purchase on Instagram with #cleanwaterforeveryone. This way you show everyone that you are helping us achieve our mission. Help us make a difference!